Waste Water

wastewater plant
    • Physical Treatment is accomplished through physically removing the solid particles and oil existing in waste water without using any chemicals or bacteria.
    • Chemical Treatment is the process where various chemicals are added to waste water within fast and slow mixer units for removal of impurities contained within the water.
    • Biological Treatment uses aerobic and anaerobic bacteria for biodegradation of municipal or industrial waste waters.
    • Advanced Treatment systems are used where impurities within waste waters cannot be removed via conventional treatment methods. Advanced waste water treatment process uses Ultrafiltration Membranes following physical, chemical and biological treatment processes.
    • Advanced treatment of municipal and industrial waste waters
    • High quality water output
    • Especially conditions with sensitive discharge limits to water basins
    • Treatment of waters with a high impurity content
    • Obtaining irrigation water from waste waters and reuse projects
    • Projects where settlement area is insufficient for conventional methods
    • Projects where waste water treatment plant is insufficient for capacity increases
    • Waste water reuse in processes with high water consumption levels
    wastewater diagram