Preparation of Process Water and Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Structures of the water used in industrial applications are changed to meet the technical requirements of industrial processes.  Technically processed water becomes suitable for industrial processes and increases the performance of the system where it is used.    Ultrafiltration Membranes are preferred for preparing process water due to their advanced physical treatment capability. Ultrafiltration Membranes capture bacteria, viruses, microorganisms and colloidal particles without changing the chemical structure of water. This is the reason why Ultrafiltration Membranes are used for obtaining drinking water from underground, surface and spring water.

Preparation of Process Water and Drinking Water with Ultrafiltration Membranes

  • Retains bacteria, viruses, colloidal particles and macro molecules
  • Ensures absolute filtration
  • High quality water output
  • Requires less installation site
  • Technology with lower initial investment and operating costs
Drinking Water Diagram